Chinese egret, immigration bird Thailand

Chinese egret, immigration bird Thailand
Egretta eulophotes

Chinese egret or Swinhoe’s egret  is a threatened species of egret from east Asia.

Chinese egret (1)

Chinese egret

Chinese egret (3)

Egretta eulophotes A bird foraging on a shore while walking.

Chinese egret (2)

Chinese egret, Single bird, side view.

Chinese egret (3)

Chinese egret looking for food on the wet land.

Chinese egret (5)

Non-breeding bird. Pacific Reef Heron

Chinese Egret, as other Ardeidae species, is relatively silent outside of breeding season. Vocalizations are usually uttered during courtship displays and defence or territorial behaviours. We can hear at this moment low raspy croaks.

Full-crested, white egret with yellow bill. Breeding adults have blue facial skin, shortish, shaggy nape plumes, long back and breast plumes, blackish legs and greenish-yellow feet.